Everyone wants to be a Winner

Most of us are fascinated by the idea of winning. It can be a sports championship or a drawing competition. Well, this is very much normal for any person. However, we have reached in a different era where we define ourselves as winners and losers. This is where the problems start to crop up. We are here to understand the psychological aspects related to the need of being a winner by all of us.

Outside Pressure 

We all will agree that each one of us faces the pressure to perform well & excel in various tasks of our lives. Sometimes the family & many times teachers or friends expect us to be exceptionally well in our work. Owing to such pressure we start feeling the need of proving ourselves to the world around us. In this manner, we start seeking constant acknowledgement of being a better version of our self.

Being a Loser

The ‘Loser’ the title has gained immense popularity in recent times. We casually hear people calling other people loser. While facing a situation where you are being labelled as a loser you must ignore this negative remark completely. For example, Niki & Anya were good friends. Niki had a good knack towards drawing & painting & on the other hand, Anya had no interest in the same. Just because Niki enrolled into a prestigious drawing competition Anya also followed her in the same. Anya could not do well like Nikki when the results were out. While sharing the same news with the rest of the friends, Anya faces a comment from a friend on a lighter note that "Oh, you are such a loser. Look as Nikki how well she performed." This remark damaged Anya's self-confidence deeply.

Fear of Defeat 

One thing which bothers all of us is the fear of facing failure. This is also a reason why we wish to win every game in life. Here, one thing each one of us needs to remember that only one person can be on top. Hence, your success & accomplishments should always not to be quantified using an absolute benchmark. Even if you don't have a place in the top three, your success is your own. We should never try to reach on top of the ladder. All we should focus upon is the extent to which we excel in our work & skills.

Being a winner is a great feeling. We are not saying that you should try to accomplish the title of being a winner in life. All we have to tell you is that if you don't reach the desired level you do not become a loser. Everyone will have different journey & timing for reaching to a spot which is best to their ability. Keep patience & passion in your heart & keep the hard-work on forever.