What is Success?

I firmly believe that success is a very personal thing. One cannot just define success in one universal definition. Every one of us will have different challenges in life from which we will come out victorious in our own unique way. Here we will try to understand success because it has become a borderline obsession for our society to become successful. Parents, as well as kids both, are highly driven with the idea of success.

Definition by the Book

The fundamental definition basis the dictionary says that success is “The accomplishment of an aim or purpose”. This is the simplest way to understand success.

Can we compare success?

This question will actually address the problem behind the obsession of success. We say that becoming successful is a very essential thing for survival. I say how we can measure success.


Kash is 9 years old and have a great interest in art, painting in particular. However, she always struggle in mathematics. For her the real aim is to win the most popular drawing interschool competition being held annually. On the other hand she only managed to get passing score in final mathematics exam. But she won the drawing competition. What will you say? She is successful or a struggler.

Well, this example is kind of an eye-opener for us. Isn’t it? Many friends or classmates of Kash must be thinking that how sad that she is not able to score a decent number in mathematics exam. But on the other hand people who know her artistic talent must be admiring her work.

The bottom-line is that one should never compare two different people & their success. For one person may be a great exercise routine is a great success & for other getting time to read his favorite book is an achievement. Every one of us has different strengths & weaknesses. It is unfair to compare our struggles & journeys. Each will have their share of learning & success. This share will always be uniquely mixed for sure.