How to Control Anger?

We all have felt anger as it is one of the basic elements of human nature. No matter how frequently we feel angry, one thing is for sure that the experience is never pleasant. The feeling of anger leaves us disturbed for several minutes, hours or days. But one important question remains that do we really need to feel angry. Well, some of you might say you were left with no other option but to be angry. This aspect will also be addressed by us in the subsequent part.

Why Do We Feel Angry?

We all have a prerecorded future & result of a situation. To elaborate it a bit I would say, we want things in a certain manner which is decided by us. Whenever the situation or people don’t turn out the way we want, we feel angry. This is the simplest way one can explain anger. For example, you have already decided that you want to go for a sleepover to your friend’s house. But the big condition which is your parent’s permission is somehow ignored by your mind. In this case, when you get No as an answer from your parents, your brain compels you to feel angry as their answer didn’t match with what you expected.

Tricks to Control Anger:

We can always have some handy tricks to control the rush of anger which suddenly hit us. However, I would say these are just temporary solutions not a complete/effective remedy.

·         Think hard before verbally reacting

·         Take a Deep Breath

·         Do backwards counting from 100

·         Divert yourself towards other activity like running, music or exercise

·         Use an alternative channel to express anger like shouting in the pillow

These tricks will surely help to calm or divert your mind from the person/situation causing anger. But they don’t help you controlling anger for a long time. So let us go towards the actual remedial part.

How to Avoid Anger?

This may sound unreal to many but the actual cause of anger is within us only. In rarest rare scenario the reason for our anger is something outside. So controlling anger is completely in your hand & has nothing to do with someone or something else. One should diligently understand & exercise these points in order to gain complete control over anger issues.

1.          We cannot control anyone’s decision, opinion & action.

2.          There will be times when people will disagree with us & it is completely fine & natural.

3.          We should take complete responsibility for tasks which are important for us.

4.          Develop a sympathetic or understanding approach towards the people around you.

5.          Take action when you feel stuck, don’t just think.

As soon as you will understand & realize that your anger can be controlled by you & not anyone/anything else, things will start falling in place. Becoming angry is a relatively easy act. However, it leaves us agitated for a long time and also spoils our relationships with people around us. Hence, it is advisable to stay away from this unimportant & avoidable negative feeling called Anger for being happy in life.