Why are we annoyed with People?

 The feeling of annoyance can come easily to many of us. However, there is a catch when the annoyance actually is caused by some irritating behaviour by other & sometimes someone completely normal person in a normal situation. Under these two completely scenarios the remedies of feeling better are different. Because in one case the solution is outside & in other, it is within us.

Let us see when we feel annoyed because someone I actually irritating what remedies can come to our rescue.

1.  Deep Breath

Our breath has magical effect on our mind & body. Taking a deep breath can actually calm your senses & help you relieve stress. If we practice deep breathing along with low number counting, it reduces the negative feeling in your mind to a very significant level.

 2.  Forgive & Ignore

In many scenarios, people causing annoyance to others don’t really realize that they are doing something wrong. We should positively forgive them & ignore their behaviour. If someone is talking loudly in a public space, others should ignore this person.

 3.  Remember:

It has nothing for you to learn

Always remember & understand that another person’s annoying behavior has nothing good for you. As we have understood that we just can’t derive anything positive from their conduct, I better to ignore the same.

 Now let us work upon your own annoyance which has not much to do externally.

1.  Identify your triggers of annoyance

One has to be aware that exactly what kinds of things are annoying you. For example, when someone asks about your personal life you just can’t help but feel annoyed. Some people also feel annoyed if others use their personal belongings. Each one will be dealing with different triggers but identification is important.

 2.  Accept That It is you not them

Sometimes we are bothered by the behavior of others which is considered completely normal in general scenario. Here, self-acceptance is very important. You should acknowledge the fact that the reason for annoyance is you & not necessary the other person. Such acceptance will surely bring out a small amount of peace within you.

 3.  Change your Life A Bit

Sometimes too much of routine put us into a dangerous comfort zone. Whenever someone or something comes in the way of this routine we feel strong annoyance. So change everything around you at times. It will give you a fresh perspective to people & things around.


Feeling annoyed can come very easily to any of us. But the bigger challenge is that this feeling should not disturb our personal harmony & inner peace. Also, this feeling should not stay within us for so long that it makes us bitter. In the end, we all can try these little tricks to get rid of the annoyance anytime.