Compassion....A must have Quality

Compassion can be easily explained as empathy. We all must possess this invaluable quality in order to become a better human & also for a better society. When we are talking on how to develop the feeling of compassion in our conscious, we must first acknowledge its need. Having sympathetic approach towards others is not at all a favor to others. You should always remember that what goes around comes around. This is the fundamental rule of the universe.

Don’t Like a Bully Then Don’t Be One

None of us like to be an object of another’s person’s amusement. Facing bullying is a bitter reality of life. Especially in schools & colleges, this phenomena prevails on a grand scale. We don’t like when someone is making fun of our accent, appearance or any other aspect of our personality. Just like that we should consciously stay away from making negative or loose remarks for others. I would suggest one step further & you should actually stand with the person openly who is being bullied.

We all fall for this trap in the name of light humor. Try to stay away from people who keep finding flaws in others & keep putting them down. But at the same time show compassion to the bully as well & keep telling him/her that he/she is doing wrong. 

Be a Volunteer

The best way to learn compassion is by actively volunteering in helping others. You will find ample amount of opportunities in your own surrounding. Plenty of people are struggling in their life for several things. In case you notice a classmate in your school that is not able to manage grades in one subject, offer help in understanding the same. For obvious reasons you will get better opportunity of learning the subject but in a greater sense the classmate will also feel relieved. Get yourself associated with the group which goes to meet elders in old-age homes or elderly care centers. You will realize how satisfying it is to give that precious smile to an old man.

Compassion: A Necessity beyond Explanation

We all should always remember one thing that creating a better society is in our hands. Our one act of kindness will certainly inspire five more people & the reach of it will be wider than we can imagine. The world has all the luxuries & material comforts. Now the only requirement is giving it a more compassionate & kind culture which is in our hands.