Positivity…..What is it all about?

Being positive is being optimistic & fairly happy in our approach. We are not expecting you to be completely happy all the time & stay far away from all negative emotions.  Every element of emotion is real & will always be with us. We will keep feeling happiness, sadness, anxiety, fear, frustration & whatnot. This is the fundamental truth of being a human, we have emotions. But the important question is that, can we control our emotions? Certainly yes, it is completely in our control. We can choose which emotion we want to drive our life with.


The dictionary definition of positivity is pretty simple “ The practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude”. It can also be termed as a particular frame of mind. Knowingly or unknowingly we practice positivity in our daily lives. Some very basic acts are as below.

·         We don’t take things too personally.

·         Our focus remains on the present moment & its enjoyment.

·         Too much worry about future is what we avoid.

·         We solely aim to do things & achieve triumph, while staying away from thinking of past & difficulties.

·         We are generally tolerant, happy & good-natured & our ability to forgive is stronger.

In case you have been practicing all these acts in your life, congratulations! You have been a very positive person in your life & life will certainly offer its goodness to you. If not, then please introspect & make extra efforts to change your approach towards things.

Why we should stay positive?

Positivity is not a sign of weakness when you are not reacting upon something negative. It is simply a state of mind in which you take control over your emotions & decide how exactly you wish to feel at the moment. Feeling positive will also make you feel happy which itself a reward for anyone of us. These are little yet powerful tricks to develop positive attitude within you & lead a happier life.

·         Always wear a smile as it will condition your mind to be happy & carefree always.

·         Every day in evening sit & think what all you experienced during the day. Make a note & assess the situations when you lost control over your thoughts.

·         Try to forgive people as much as possible. Stay away from being revengeful & bitter.

·         ·    One you experience defeat/ downfall, immediately     start planning ahead & stop mourning over the bad thing happened to you.

·         Don’t discuss ill things about people. Stay away from gossip.

    Being positive is not a natural gift for all. However, with little mindfulness we can certainly develop this invaluable quality. It will make our life & life of people around us much happier & simpler.