Self Esteem or Ego…..What will you like to carry?

There is a very fine line between Ego & Self Esteem. We often get confused between them & juggle between these two. Clearly Self- Esteem is a must have quality & on the other hand Ego is something we should never have. But the actual struggle knows which one you have. For this purpose, we need to have adequate understanding of both these personality traits.


We can safely say that the Ego is a perceived value/worth of self. One with Ego will always understand, evaluate & assess the outer world with the reference point of his/her self. We also perceive that the how we lead our life or how we conduct ourselves is ultimate truth of the universe & is nothing but ideal. Ultimately Ego stops us from evolving, improvising & progressing in our life. Few obvious disadvantages of Ego are:

·         Take away Compassion

·         Keep people away from you

·         Restricts growth

·         Blocks true love from coming in your life

·         Makes you irrational

·         Adds unhealthy competitive behavior

·         Increases greed

We generally misunderstand & consider our Ego as our Self-Esteem. The basic difference between these two is humbleness. Ego will give you confidence but make you blind about your limitations. It will encourage you to put your self-worth ahead of relationships. We would never like to be such a greedy, arrogant & self-centered person.


The dictionary meaning of Self- Esteem is “Confidence in one’s own worth or abilities”. Now as we know the definition, it is not hard to understand the difference between the Ego & Self-Esteem. Here you will certainly feel confidence but also will be realistic & aware of your true strengths. Having right amount of self-esteem can help you garner many benefits.

·         You can choose to be yourself

·         Better ability to accept disagreements

·         Elevated ability to present your views when challenged

·         You accept new challenges boldly

·         Less fear of uncertainty

·         Do not seek approval continuously

·         Higher level of commitment

·         Better social & personal relationships


Self- esteem has a clear distinction from Ego. Ego tells you that you can do anything, no matter what. On the other hand Self- Esteem tells you that you can do it because you have the right kinds of skills to do the task. Self- esteem helps you in coping up with challenges of life. You should always be on constant assessment of having right level of Self-Esteem for a happier, secure & balanced life.