Why reading is same as feeding the brain?

Since ages, we have heard people telling us the benefits of reading. Reading has always got the top place in the list of good habits. Have you ever wondered why does reading help us? Also, in this current age when the information & entertainment both are readily available in various other forms, why reading? I also had this question in my mind. So I tried to dig deeper into the subject & the findings was more than interesting.

 What Does Science Say?

Reading has been rated very high on the scale of suggested activities daily. This recommendation from experts is not baseless. They have done their research & assessments which resulted in various surprising findings. So if you include reading as a daily habit in your life, your life is certainly going to change. Want to know why? Here we go:

·                         Help in reducing stress

·                         Reading 30 minutes a day can give you a longer life

·                         Helps in sharpening your language skills

·                         Enhances knowledge, not just superficial but in depth

·                         Makes you a compassionate human

·                         Boosts creativity

·                         Makes you more flexible in finer aspects of life

Can change your personality completely?

Science will certainly give you broad benefits associated with reading as a habit. However, if we are trying to understand how reading will help your brain function & behaviour, we need to seek help from psychology experts. After referring to several psychological studies, I listed down a few most prominent benefits as mentioned here:

You must have noticed that while reading an interesting novel or a story you feel the emotions & journey of the characters. This is a great way to keep your emotions on a check. Reading also enhances our imagination & creativity. Sometimes the fictional incidents help us to create our reality.

I can give complete assurance that reading will surely bring a fresh perspective and liveliness in your life. Start with 30 minutes a day & gradually take it up to 2 hours a day. You will certainly feel a massive change in your outlook, thoughts & confidence.