Family….Why family is important?

Family is basically our little universe in this huge world. Each member of the family becomes our pillar of strength during the course of life. We all have our fair share of ups & downs with family. However, ultimately we always have a family by our side to support us. The family becomes our primary source of love, support & care. We learn valuable lessons or morality & ethics from our elders in the family. Family always shares our sorrow, enhance happiness & sort out confusions.

Protection & Security

In this unknown & uncertain world, we always get a great sense of security from the family. We feel secure & protected against several odds of life. Family members always stay with us when we feel scared & defeated. Not everyone we meet in life is good with us. Under such scenarios, we can always turn to our family for watching our back for any adverse event.

Help & Support

With growing age, we often believe that we don’t need any help from anyone. However, it is not completely true. We can manage our lives in a much better way if we have people around us to lend a shoulder. It is always nice to have someone who encourages you when you feel low on motivation. We feel more relaxed if we have our people lending a hand for various tasks on hand. This is what the family does best. They understand our strengths & weaknesses at times & are our guardians & companions.

Activities to Enhance Family Bond

It does not matter that you are an elder or a younger member of the family. One can always contribute towards the critical task of enhancing interpersonal relationships of the family members. These are a few easy to do & fun activities which we should include in our family time routine for a healthier & happier environment.

·       Be kind & considerate towards all members,   

·       Help in daily tasks

·       Have at least one meal together

·       Enjoy a night full of games with family

·       Watch movies & shows together

·       Arrange for a small family picnic

·       Travel together & explore new places

·       Show appreciation openly to all

These things may appear very simple but they will have a very positive impact on your life. You will have a healthy & exciting family life. Every member of the family will feel wanted & appreciated. So let us make a difference by doing our bit in making our family a special one.