Siblings…...Love And Hate

A sibling relationship is one of the most important and enduring bonds. It can shape your childhood and stay till eternity. Siblings love each other, hate each other but always stay together because of the years of emotional bond and of course the same DNA.


The sibling relationship can always be described as fun yet complicated because you might know your sister/brother well than anyone else and still have mixed feelings. You will always be interested in their life, finding it difficult to not interfere and take up all the heat when there is a clash. But again siblings always find a reason to stick together. You share all your happiness, secrets, achievement, failures, and, dull moments with each other. The bond can be as important as or even stronger than friendship.


Why Siblings Are Important?


They are family who puts you before anyone else. During childhood, you tend to play with each other but when you become a teenager you develop mixed feelings like jealousy, comparison, happiness, anger, etc. Sometimes your brother or sister can be your secret keeper while other times they might be the ones who get in trouble. You may not always feel good about siblings because you may grow distant over time if you don’t get along. But that’s ok to feel. 


Teenage is one of the most complicated phases where you get introduced to love, attraction, career, opportunities, etc. and it may be too much to handle at once. When life gives new exposure at different ages, other things might become more important than being with siblings. You might become closer to friends than parents or stop sharing things with your siblings at all. But this is one bond that never fades and will play a significant role throughout your life.


How To Be A Good Sibling?


If you have an elder or a younger sibling, you are supposed to play your part too. You need to be there for them when they need you and give them a shoulder to cry on when they are stressed or feeling low. You can provide advice to them and comfort them when they need the most. Be a part of their happiness and celebrate with them when they share their achievements.


A good sibling is all about acceptance. You must accept all the qualities of your brother or sister and correct them when wrong with moral values. Teach them, make them learn, and protect them always.


Long-lasting relationship between siblings is possible when there are a fine understanding and genuine care. Together siblings can improve each other’s life and can become a solid support system. No other bond can fill the shoes of this relationship.




Do you have a sibling? If yes, then go and talk to them and share all your worries and joyful moments with them. Thank them for whatever they have done for you and make a promise that you will be stand by them in the best and oddest of situations no matter what.