Help….A Universal Gift

The human civilization is a huge deal which took place on the earth. One big difference between human beings & the rest of the creatures is our brain. Physically we are maybe not as capable as numerous other species. However, our brain has defeated all the odds & made us the revolutionary species of this planet. During this process of survival human beings understood the massive significance of symbiosis. This means our ability to create a system where we take help or support from others to survive & grow.

A Duty not an Obligation

As soon as we talk about help, immediately we presume that it is a big deal to help someone. Well, honestly speaking it is not. Firstly think about a simple situation like you fall off from your bike & people from your surrounding rush to help your get up & settle. Do you think it was some kind of obligation? I don’t think so! We may say that they were very nice & generous but what they did was a duty of any good citizen. So, just like that when you lend a hand of help to someone it is more of duty on your part. Always remember one thing that whatever we will invest will only grow & come back to us. So be a good person & help people in need without making a great deal about it.

Role of Help in Shaping the Society

We must always keep in consideration one thing that we are the pioneer of creating a healthy, compassionate & happy community. Always look around & develop an eye for people who may need help in some other way. You can help an animal also. These are some of the basic areas where people may need the help of others.

·       Support academically weak classmates in understanding study-related things

·       Help old neighbours in running errands, especially old & sick  people

·       Regularly feed animals in your vicinity & save them from hunger

·       Offer water to people coming to your doorstep

·       Always stop for people who meet with an accident & ensure they get proper medical help

·       Support your parents in doing household chores

This list can go on & on. But the the ultimate message is to always be helpful to people around you & give your a bit in shaping a better society.

Be Generous but Discreet

Now this one is a little tricky. When I say that you should always be helping others doesn’t mean you get yourself exploited. Always see if the person is putting his/her adequate efforts in their circumstances. Otherwise, you will end up working for some slothful people. Additionally, you can also tell your parents to help financially to places such as some educational institutes working for underprivileged rather than donating to a religious place.

These things may appear little bookish in the first place but they can have a massive constructive impact on our society & more importantly on our future. So always be generous in lending a hand of help & cherish the satisfaction.