Smile Please

We often involuntarily smile at things we find pleasant. However, I have heard many people who ridicule others who smile a lot. How absurd? Since ages science has proved countless benefits of smile. On top of everything it’s a thing which we all have & none has to look for it elsewhere. So, today we are going to dig little deeper & understand why you should wear this precious ornament given by nature called “Smile”.

‘Smile please’ & be more attractive

Smile makes you look more approachable, presentable & attractive. You will find people approaching you with ease & enthusiasm if you wear a smile always. So if you want to be popular & want many friends around, smile please.

‘Smile please’ to release stress

Many scientific studies have shown positive effect of smile on the stress level of people. We all are under various kinds of stress these days. All have to perform & succeed in various battles of life. So, carry a smile & say bye to stress! This way you will be able to work harder with utmost clarity in mind.

‘Smile please’ & be healthier

This awesome habit of smiling will also keep many physical & mental illnesses at a bay. You will feel energetic & positive to face challenges of life. I personally was benefited a lot when I started smiling consciously. My stamina & energy levels were at a different peak. I also observed that my immune system was better after I started smiling more often. Ultimately my body was stronger in terms of fighting back against general illnesses.

‘Smile please’ to spread happiness

I keep saying that we are not just responsible for ourselves. Our responsibilities are towards every person around us. Always keep in mind that we can spread happiness around us just by smiling at them. Your one smile can actually brighten up the day for someone who is feeling low.

If I want to sum it up in short, I will say “Smile as much as you can, always!” You may find my suggestion little too much but believe me, with practice you will be able to. The habit of smiling will turn you in to a positive, happy & confident person. You will see people’s attitude changing towards you in almost magical way. So, what more you want? Remember my advice & Smile Please.