Why Do We Fight?

Disagreements & misunderstandings have always been our biggest companions. On top of these demons, we have our ego & false sense of self-worth. All these elements blend well & we end up in a place called a fight. Fighting with one another has been a very normal part of our lives. We always find reasons to justify fights & also keep digging newer reasons to pick up more fights.

We all have been there. Also, most of us always think that the blame should be on the other person. But, has it ever occurred to you that what will happen if we don’t fight? Will life be any easier if we avoid fighting? Is there anything to lose if we stay away from fights?

Let us explore different dimensions of this scenario & see how we can improvise the situation for our benefit.

Why do we fight?

Fights can happen for numerous reasons. Sometimes people carry a long due grudge or prejudice & end up in fights & other cases, they lose their temper in a split of a second. Whatever is the case, we still can always find out what are the most plausible causes creating situations like these.

·      Misunderstandings

·      Disagreements

·      Conflict of interest

·      Prejudiced approach

·      Jealousy

·      Irritation

We can have even a longer list of reasons but in a nutshell, these elements can cover most situations. So, now probably you will be able to put any fight of yours in one of these brackets.

How do we avoid fights?

The first thing to avoid a fight is self-control. Yes, it is within you only. Please curb down the urge to correct, argue, ridicule people around you. Next step is to understand that each one around you or who meet you doesn't need to have complete or even partial agreement with your opinion. Having diverse views & opinions is pretty normal. So, learn to live with it.

These are few simple yet effective tips to save yourself from some ugly fights & earn some peace of mind:

·      Stop the argument\debate if there is no productive output

·      Think twice before saying the truth on the face (especially bitterly)

·      Do not make fun of others

·      Walk out of a situation where people are acting stubborn\illogical

·      Never use bad\curse words casually, it does harm a lot

What will you possibly gain?

I am aware that some people are a big fan of fighting. They consider that they need to dominate any situation. I challenge these people to reconsider this belief. If they will not understand the importance of peace & empathy, how will they get them? Still, if you are not fully convinced, these are few immediate & certain results you will gain if you decide to stay away from fights:

·      Greater respect from peers

·      Peace of mind

·      People will value you more as a person

·      Your the opinion will get higher respect

·      Your advice & opinion will be considered smoothly

I sincerely hope guys that my views & clarification will give you a fresh perspective. We sometimes very casually adopt the habit of indulging into fights. May or may not be physical though. But, having am aggressive conflict with someone is never a good choice. So, behave & react wisely. Make more friends than enemies & lead a peaceful life.