29. Teachers…Indispensable part of our life

There are few people in our lives who always be there for us. They nurture, support & encourage us. These people are like a pillar of a strong foundation of our lives. These people are our family members, friends & teachers. Especially teachers have a profound & positive impact on our minds. Though sometimes we take their contribution for granted, but it is impossible for us to be a confident & accomplished human being without them around us.

Teach us to explore

Teachers have an amazing ability to put across a completely new dimension for any idea or concept. They teach us how to go beyond what is written in books & explore further. They love being our partners in this quest of finding innovative facts. That is why without teachers, we will be lost. Just because of their invaluable teachings, we seek explanation beyond the information provided to us.

Motivate us to push boundaries

Always remember one thing that teachers are well aware that each student has a different skill & different level of expertise in subjects. But still, they always help & push us to excel in each subject on hand. This is just because they know your potential what you to go beyond your notional limits. We should always be thankful for their continuous support & help.

Break the ice & introduce the world

One the very important thing they help us they talk to us. This is a huge step for each one of us. When we are in our houses with our families, things are very simple & familiar. As soon as we step out, at first, we feel scared & lost. During this settling period of our lives, teachers come to our rescue. They talk to us & understand our personalities. Teachers make sure that we are comfortable & slowly start to open to the school environment.

Best combination of a friend & parent

If we try a little harder & try to assess what is the exact contribution of our teacher’s in our lives, they are like a package. They nurture & guide us like our parents. On the other hand, they also help us to blend in our surroundings like a friend. So, it is fair to say that they fill the place of a parent & a friend in our lives.

We have numerous things to be grateful for when we talk about our teachers. They selflessly put efforts to bring out best from their students. It is not easy to become a teacher. They put in immense efforts to learn & master a subject. Always remember one thing, that it is easy to learn a subject or concept. However, when it comes to simplifying the same & teaching it to someone else, this takes real skills. Therefore, always appreciate & be grateful to your teachers for making life simple for you.