How Fitness Can Affect Your Mood

Often mental health & physical health cross their paths. I mean to say that our body & our mind work in harmony. Any problem or discomfort in our body will have a direct impact on our thoughts & mental wellness. Somehow, we all are aware of this fact but most of us choose to ignore this. Especially mental health & physical health hold great importance in the life of children & teenager. As it helps them to build a strong foundation which would last for a lifetime.

Let us talk about physical fitness & see how it can help in our mental health:

·   Depression: Without any doubt, exercise has proved to be a great tool against chronic depression. It stimulates favourable hormones in your body & helps you feel better about yourself. Just 15 minutes of walk on daily basis can reduce the risk of depression by 26%.

·  Anxiety: Physical workout is a natural weapon against often experienced anxiety. Physical exercise releases endorphins which relieve stress & boosts physical as well as mental energy.

·   Stress: We often experience stiffness on muscles when we are under stress. Especially face, neck & shoulders become very stiff & give us pain. Here exercise helps a lot in reducing this discomfort. It also helps in reducing issues related to insomnia, heartburn, diarrhoea & frequent urination.

·      Memory Boost: It may sound absurd to some but scientific research has strong pieces of evidence of this benefit. The same endorphins which are released during exercise help in the stimulation of brain cells. It also prevents age-associated memory decline.

·      Better Self Esteem: We feel wonderful after investing quality time in our mind & body at the end of a good workout session. As soon as an exercise becomes a habit, we start to feel stronger & powerful. Which automatically translates into a higher self-esteem.

·      Improved Sleep: It is bound to happen that as soon as our body has touched its limit, it will seek rest. Hence, doing regular exercise will surely help us to achieve quality sleep on daily basis. As we all know that a good night’s sleep is nothing less than a tonic for our body.

·      Higher Energy: Regular exercise sessions will help us in feeling more & more energetic & powerful. We will slowly experience greater endurance towards hardships & blocks in our way.

·  Stronger Resilience: When we opt to go for regular workout sessions or maybe regular outdoor games. We unknowingly accept daily challenges for our body. This habit helps us to develop the nature of increasing our resilience. Which is a great way to develop stronger resilience towards hardships of life.

There is not a good or bad time to do exercise. You may also want to pick up a sport of your choice. Ultimately what we wish to achieve is greater harmony between our mind & body. So, do not neglect your physical fitness as it is an easiest & sure way to achieve better mental health.