Rules....Who made them

Rules are a declared statement that’s based on observation (research). People of a particular region or religion, etc. follow it to maintain the equilibrium in any given state. Rules are everywhere, be it within the house, outside the house, workplace, and even society at large. 

Should You Follow Rules?

The bigger the question here is who made them? Let’s consider a scenario. Getting up early is a rule, which was invented when there was light only in the daytime. We do not know who set this rule, but it worked. Today, even though we have electricity and power to work at night most people prefer daytime for work. 

Rules are subjective thus you should not follow every rule blindly. Be mindful enough to tweak them as per changing environment and circumstances, if it is keeping you stuck. 

Rules cannot be the same for everyone and everywhere; they are different and should be kept flexible. They help us provide consistency and predictability. Rules if made wisely can act as a guide for a dedicated action. 

When you cross a road by following a traffic light you are following a traffic rule, which is designed for our safety. Thus, rules can be good sometimes. Some of the other rules that make sense are respecting and helping adults. But as said before rules depend on certain factors and situations. You can use your logic and consciousness to decide which ones to follow?

Are rules Good?

Obeying the rules in general can secure your physical and mental wellbeing. Your social system works on a punishment or penalty basis to maintain justice and peace. If you follow the rules completely it doesn’t ensure happiness. It’s your judgment that helps you enjoy your life to the fullest. Being respectful and responsible is self-rule that can give you so much edge in your daily life. People will support you if you treat them well, even if they don’t know you. 

Before Saying Goodbye

Rules may also cast a protection spell on society as a whole. If you follow rules it keeps in a certain order and helps you avoid chaos. From people coming from different regions to different ages, everyone follows some rules because they know it will be for their benefit. With some rules, you may have a choice but certain can be strict too such as rules laid out by government or law and order, etc.