Participate Before Thinking of Failure

“Winning has a value for ego, but participation has a value for life”.- Debasish Mridha.


During your class, do you ever feel the fear that a teacher might call out your name and ask you to speak up? You might have discussed the fear with your friends and ask even if your friends feel the same as you. 

The fear we are talking about here is not being called out in front of the class but the fear of getting hurt by giving a wrong answer. You must never think of being right or wrong but gather the courage to participate. It’s because even if you give a wrong answer or fail at an attempt, you will still have the sense of satisfaction that you gave it a try. It will be more of learning than failure.


Factors That Prevent You From Participating

There are so many factors that might keep you from participating. As a kid, you always learn from your surroundings and pick up a few habits from the people around you. If you don’t have a role model or any person who does this voluntary participation you may not have it imbibed in your habit in your growing years. Here the personality also matters. Introverts may take more time to participate than extroverts but the fear exists in both.

The word of suggestion here is not to hold yourself back and gather courage. Don’t think your friends will shame or bully you and gather confidence to answer first in class. Sometimes even the platform can make you comfortable. If you are not surrounded by familiar faces you may not feel like participating but the fear of failing in front of an unknown audience can be met by taking baby steps such as speaking in front of a small crowd and then eventually making progress.


Build Your Way Up

The factors that will turn your life around once you start participating first and don’t fear failure:

·       You will gain control over your fear

·       No one can bully you, as you are not afraid now

·       You can be more creative as you don’t fear failing 

·       You will learn winning and losing does not matter but life does

·       Participation creates community, opportunity, and involvement 

·       Participation helps in testing your limit making you stronger 

·       Critical thinking and reasoning enhance by participating


Wrapping Up

To win this battle with the mind, be the first to participate and get over your fear of failure. One must learn to look at the bigger picture.