How to Win Battle Against Sadness

It’s an ungrateful act to be sad which results in dissatisfaction. Sorrow is not anyone’s fancy but still a choice, or mindset to live in the comfort of sadness. When anyone is gloomy, they get immediate attention or value. Is this the right way to invite people into your life? Always question yourself why you are feeling blue, what is the result of it. What are the expectations of the mind from getting sad at any given time?  

Staying Sad Is A Choice

It's difficult to be happy and maintain the tempo but being sad is easy. One thing that goes against your planned step, takes you down, in a min. We all are not taught to have a happy mindset; instead, we are trained to face the storms and win against them. We often put more emphasis on what we missed than what we have hence we live a challenging life situation, fighting the feeling of sadness all the time. Only if we cherish what we have in hand and have the vision to live a better life we can eliminate this sadness. It’s a fact, being sad is in your hand but being happy & content is also a choice too. 

Ways To Uplift Your Mood

There are many ways researchers have found to fight the sad feeling in routine, still adapting a happy mindset would be a better pick. Let’s discuss some quick ways to feel positive in odd circumstances:

·       Eating banana instantly shifts the mood or pineapple juice can do the trick too.

·       Eating chocolate can help, but not too much just a little some.

·       Ice cream can be a filmy but effective way to overcome numbness. 

·       Having spicy food can turn the scene around pick your favourite street food now.

·       Move out of the environment or go for a run or exercise, this helps immensely.

·       Listen to happy music or party mix, which will give you an adrenaline rush.

·       Going outside, being grateful, and smiling never goes out of fashion. 


Will You Choose To Be Happy Or Sad?

Choosing to be happy about things you have such as good people, things in your possession, an amazing lifestyle, etc. can change your attitude. Being happy is as easy as these sayings, “try to find the good in everything and situation” or “life is as happy as you want to keep.”