The Magic of Logical Thinking

Logic in simple words is the method of understanding the difference between correct & incorrect. With the help of logic, we learn to reason every fact presented to us. Logical reasoning is a big tool to make a distinction between correct & incorrect information. Let us understand what exactly logic is & how it is useful in our day to day lives.


Abha was told by her parents that she should take up chess as a hobby. Abha tried learning the game for some time but she understands that she enjoyed outdoor games. She was already doing very well in her skating & swimming classes. Abha also had a very strong & athletic built. She sat down with her parents & made them understand her interest in outdoor games. She explained how her physic, energy & inherent nature was helping her to achieve bigger milestones in swimming & skating. Abha’s parents did understand her point & acknowledged that she can focus her mind on the games she is naturally good at & feeling passionate about.

The above example is nothing but Abha’s honest attempt to convince her parents through logical arguments. While taking help from a logic one must have all the facts to support the argument or reasoning.

How to develop Logical Thinking?

Developing logical thinking is not at all an impossible task. However one must do some exercises to achieve this state of mind. These are a few proven techniques to develop this ability suggested by experts:

·         Solving puzzles

·         Reading detective novels

·         Watching detective suspense movies

·         Making good use of puzzle blocks with 3-Dimensional structures

Benefits of Logical Thinking:

Logic is the biggest tool one can have. Having appropriate logical reasoning & confidence is like having a VIP ticket to the successful future. Let us see how logic can help you achieve milestones in life:

·         We can easily correlate events & objects

·         Fewer chances of making mistake in decisions

·         Higher chances of getting success in life

One should not mix logic with intelligence. Intelligence is the ability to apply knowledge & skill which are already acquired. Logic is the ability to gather pieces & put them in place to derive at a conclusion or decision. Hence, one should put adequate efforts in developing logical reasoning for the smooth sail in life away from confusions.