Early Signs of Depression in Kids

It may sound a little but childhood depression is a bitter reality of our society. Children are supposed to be carefree & immersed in their limited world. However, the reality is far from this scenario. Despite being away from responsibilities & complexities of the world many kids suffer from depression which many times goes unnoticed by their parents/guardians. As parents, it is our duty to ensure wholesome health of the child including physical, emotional & intellectual.

 How do we know if the child is depressed?

Depression is a serious state which needs an empathetic approach by the parents. However, we always cannot take in to account the usual sadness as depression. As & when this state of being sad becomes persistent parents should consider intervention.

 Also, in some cases, depression comes in a masked manner. Here the child is acting angry or overly fabricated in his behaviour. However, fundamentally sadness, hopelessness & frequent change in mood can be considered as symptoms of depression.

Significant Signs of Having Symptoms of Depression

·       Irritability

·       Anger

·       Sadness & Hopelessness

·       Social Withdrawn

·       Hyper Sensitive Towards Rejection

·       Sudden & Drastic Fluctuations in Appetite

·       Sudden & Drastic change in sleep pattern

·       Behavioural outburst or crying

·       Stomach or head pain incurable by treatment

·       A downward shift in performance at school & extra-curricular

·       Lack of concentration

·       Suicidal thoughts

Under normal circumstances, a child will show all or most of these signs. However, some of them will keep appearing at a different point in time. Children with the significant extent of depression will show severe loss of interest in school, social surrounding & in extra-curricular activities. One most important thing is they may fall for substance abuse & start using alcohol or drugs as a help to come out/ sustain in this condition.

Causes of Depression

Depression silently will penetrate in your child’s life sometimes without a visible reason. However, a child who has been through these events become more vulnerable against this wretched condition.

·       Weak physical health

·       Drastic & Sad life events

·       Family History

·       Unstable family environment

·       Genetic Vulnerability

·       Biochemical Disturbance

One thing we all should understand that Depression is not just passing mood swing but a serious condition which needs to be handled using expert’s help. Under no circumstances let it be a silent destroyer of the future of your child.

Depression is still a great mystery where experts don't have a definite answer for prevention. Still, we all can give an honest try to not letting our kids slip in this condition. Be attentive if your child is drawn toward any kind of addiction. Also, create happily or at least balanced the environment in the house where your children feel safe & comfortable. In case of any family history of depression, take precautionary measures & keep a close watch on the behaviour of your child. We cannot fight all the battles on behalf of our kids but surely we can be their militia to win the battle.