Focus on Your Child’s Strengths not Weaknesses

Before we start discussing this critical aspect of parenting, I want to make a few things clear. I am not saying that parents should not help children to work-upon their weaknesses or let us say limitations. We need to give due attention to these weaker aspects as well but not to make the centre of the entire parenting experience.

Identify Strengths

As a very important part of being a parent is that we need to pay utmost attention to details. We can call it a superpower that we can gauge things from far as our kids are concerned. Now the actual need is to use this superpower constructively. Keep a close tab on all the activities your kid is indulging in to. See if he has a special liking for painting or she loves to go for that dance class. You must know what they like or what they do well & encourage them. In your capacity, you can motivate them to achieve higher steps in the ladder & get better mentorship & platform. Few areas where the parents can concentrate & understand the strengths are as below.

·        Creativity

·        Public Speaking

·        Sports Enthusiasm

·        Interpersonal Skills

·        Analytical Skills

·        Experimentation


 Are they weaknesses?

Someone wise once said that it is unfair to judge a fish for its ability to fly. Each kid or rather a human being can develop different skills. Some have few natural skillsets & many people acquire these by working on them. However, our fundamental liking & ability should match to create something special. This means that a kid who enjoys basketball & shows extraordinary talent may not like to paint that much. So for this kid painting does not become a weakness.


We have strictly adhered to the skills related aspect while discussing this topic. However, we parents need to address behavioural limitations of the child. If your kid is good in framing his thoughts on paper but does not enjoy verbal conversations or public speaking events, that’s ok. Let him choose to move forward at his own pace. All you can do is encourage him without pushing much & don’t transfer your fears to him. I guess if we parents stick to our boundaries it works well for the kids. Don’t you agree with me?