Be a companion not a Supervisor

Most parents suffer from some classic syndromes. We often feel that our child is in constant need of our help & support. This is not a scenario in most cases. The human evolution is a proof that our brain is capable of managing situation beyond comprehension. Our favorite work is to correct our kids & improvise whatever they do. I believe this is a generic scenario. If you think you are an exception, Congratulations! You have won the battle of parenting. 


Supervision Freak

Many of us suffer from superiority complex. We feel that there are things which we are best at & it is our rightful duty to correct our kids while doing them. For example if the child is trying to create a science project we attempt to put adult-like perfection into it. Basically we restrict their process of brain development. Try to refrain from guiding them for each & everything. Being attentive & being over-indulgent are two different methods.  


Companionship is Not Burdensome

Basically what we are suggesting here is whenever your kid turns around for you; he/she should be relieved that you are there for him/her. Instead many kids feel immense pressure from their parents of attaining perfection & hence they detest their presence at various occasions. I am not saying that they don’t need you. All I want to convey is as parents we should understand when they need us & when they want us? Let them struggle a bit under pressure situation. This will bring out a courageous side of theirs. Of course as parents it should be our sole purpose that our kids become independent as early as possible.


All this feels very ideal & good to know. However, we often falter & get excessively involved in our children’s life. We want them do well in studies, social life, sports & what not. But the thing is that they have their own likes & dislikes. Also, their skills are different than yours. Hence, as parents respect their space & try to occupy a spot of a friend/companion instead of forcing yourself to be their supervisor.