Acknowledge Your Limits and Mistakes

I don’t understand when parents take their position in the house for granted. I have come across many incidences in families when parents don’t apologize to their kids when they need to. Also, I have seen several parents preaching to their kids for not doing some task in a particular manner when even they are not perfectionists. I believe in absolute equality, no negotiation.

Be human, not superhuman

Many parents feel proud of making their child believing that they can do anything for the child. This subsequently teaches the child to be overconfident in many scenarios. For example, Amit used to always tell Revati (daughter) that if she does well in studies, she can get whatever she wants. Here the father going wrong in two directions. First, he is not telling the daughter regarding his financial limitations & also instilling the behaviour of accepting a bribe for doing something she should anyways be doing. 

Say Sorry People

Shane wanted to open a closet which was stuck since long. He tried doing it & used his son Liam’s favourite pencil which was lying nearby. The door was very stiff & broke the pencil. When Liam found out this, he was very upset. But the more upsetting thing was absolute ignorance of his father. Shone took no efforts in apologizing to his son. He thought he had the right to use Liam’s things as he was the provider of them. This incident is not just wrong but also a perfect recipe for a future disaster. This will teach Liam to be self-centred & oblivious to other’s concern.


We all love our kids. But do we respect them? I am not saying that we should be pampering them without any reason but we should be considerate towards them. Our behaviour will build their character & it is a very crucial part of parenting. Be open with them in accepting your limitations & also acknowledge your mistakes when they expect you to. This will surely make them more humble, trusting & honest citizens of the society.