Listen to your Child While Talking to Them

Sonia came back from dance class & was feeling very low. She was not able to learn a new step which almost everyone in the class was through with. As soon as she reached her mother started giving her speech about keeping her room tidy. She actually wanted to share her misery with the mother as she was having an acute feeling of sadness & defeat. But things were not according to her. This landed her in a place of feeling lonely & ignored. Well, the characters & situation may be different but the emotions are the same everywhere.

The art of Listening

Many parents think they do give adequate attention to their child. However, it is not just your presence but also your body language which tells the truth. Whenever your child is trying to tell you something, take care of a few finer aspects. This will help you have a stronger bond with them & help them to share their life with you.

·        Maintain eye contact

·        Don’t push them for more details

·        Keep steady expressions unless required

·        Don’t interrupt

·        Don’t pass comments unless asked

·        Refrain from giving unwanted advice, unless asked

·        React only if you are expected to

These are very important things when your child is confiding in you for anything. Even if we keep silence, our expressions say it all. So you should stay steady & non-critical while listening to your child always.

Encourage them to talk by Talking

Sometimes our own way of conduct instils certain personality traits in our children. Many of us don’t share much with our kids. We keep our professional & personal things to ourselves. Certain issues which we are handling at workplace stay in our hearts & we deliberately keep our kids out of family complexities. I believe this is not appropriate. At the right age when they have developed adequate capabilities to weigh various situations, they should be aware of. Without transferring the heavier part & sorrow of the matter, we can always share information about such incidences with our kids. This will encourage them to share their part of stories very often.

We often think that our kids are still small & are yet away from the miseries of life. This might be true but partially. Actually every age has its own associated issues & challenges. Their issues may seem small to us but that is their universe. Be a companion of your child wholeheartedly & share their feelings without being critical. If we can bridge this gap, there is nothing which can stop us from being their best friend for a lifetime.  Its important that we know how to talk to our children or how to interact with children.