Teach Your Child How to Handle Defeats and Lows

Was your kid filled with anger or experienced disappointment when he came second in class or lost a chess match against his best friend? Have they ever expressed their agony when they did not get what they wanted? Well, it is ok for teenagers to feel that way. Not to forget, teenage is all about heightened emotions, and you have to let your kid go through it and learn.

If you are one of those parents who try to protect their child against these emotions then it would not be a part of good parenting. You can’t deprive them of their normal emotions. Every child has a different way of expressing, and you should let them in whatever way they want. Just remember you need to motivate them and cheer them up so that they can pull themselves together during a downfall.

How To Help Your Teenage Kid Survive Failure?

·       It’s ok to make a mistake

If your kid has made a mistake, accept it and move on. Tell them it’s ok if something didn’t go well or the way they expected. There is always a next time.

·       Let them fall and stand back up

You can’t prevent them from failures in fact, if you want them to grow in life you have to let them taste both sweet and sour. Give them strength and courage to get back up and start from zero again.

·       Tell them how failure is nothing but experience

If they don’t get defeated they will never explore new ways. So discuss with them how something didn’t work as per plan and how they need to find another way.

·       Be their role model & talk about your setbacks

 You can always share your setbacks with them and how you pulled yourself out of a situation without getting sucked in. Sharing is always helpful. This way they can consider you as an inspiration or role model.

·       Appreciate their efforts

 Pat them on their back and appreciate them for trying something. Boost their morale and mention you are a proud parent.

·       Introduce them to meditation or Yoga

Sometimes exercise, meditation, and yoga help in clearing the brain and conscious. You can do this with them or let them join a class to channel their energy.

·       Convince them to open up

The best therapy to do away with defeat and failure is to talk about it. All you have to do is sit down with your kids and make them comfortable so that they can always come back and talk to you. They should not shy away or feel scared about telling you how they feel.


Raising teenagers is like a tug of war between how they demand their freedom and how parents try to protect them from getting hurt. But in this generation, the only way to good parenting is to let them feel how they want and give them space. Always make a friendly bond instead of acting harsh and strict. This way if they ever fail they can always rely on your support mentally and not feel like a loner.