Do You Really Think Your Child Needs Help?

There is no success formula for good parenting. Every child is different, and so there is no set pattern. No manual or book in the world has an answer to your child’s behaviour in different situations or ages. 


The most struggling age is teenage because parents really can’t tell anymore if their child is happy, confused, feeling low, or stressed. Teenage is where kids know a little something about what’s right and wrong, but their emotional and mental development is at a peak. This can cause trouble for you or your neighbours or your kid’s friends or even at school. 


Thus, parents don’t know when they should seek help. What signals show that their child is not ok and something is bothering them? 


When should you seek professional help?


Let’s discuss when a parent should look for professionals to find a solution to their situation raising teenage kids.


·       Note the specifics

If you think that your child is misbehaving or not carrying out the usual behaviour then note what is out of the ordinary? “Are they jealous of someone?” “ Are they verbally abusing their siblings or friends?” “ Does your divided attention bother them?” “Is there a particular situation that they get uncomfortable with?” etc. 


·       Is the behaviour interfering?

Kids in teenage are supposed to focus on their studies, participate in school activities, attend their tuitions, etc. But instead of this, if they have isolated themselves, picking a fight with everyone, falling behind their regular schedule, and failing to concentrate on studies then this behaviour is interfering with their normal activities. This can be considered as a moment of seeking professional help


·       What is the frequency?

You must notice how often this is happening? If it’s a one-time thing then you don’t have to worry about it but if the rude or irrational behaviour is getting frequent then you got to keep an eye on it. Sometimes the parents should just talk and see if something is bothering their kids, and they can resolve it. If not, you can also try giving them a chance by planning a small outing, or a vacation.


·       Is your child acting according to their age?

You must monitor their company or friends’ they hang out with. Be more involved and know what places do they hang out. Also, find time to spend a few hours talking about how their day was. If they are behaving strangely that kids of that age don’t do, then it should concern you. If they are mostly locked up in their room, keeping more secrecy, hiding things or their feelings, pretending in situations, etc. Then you should call for help.


Help is needed only if something is out of ordinary. You have to know the difference between strange behaviour and teenage behaviour. Not every action of theirs needs your reaction or response. Don’t steal their space and let them enjoy their freedom. Be there for them more and make them feel loved.