Differentiate: Vigilance and Interference

Teenage is a vulnerable age, and at this time, due to adrenaline rush, age factor, and several other reasons, most of the children might step into unwanted paths. It could be drugs, relationship issues, and several other things. During these times, parents must watch over the actions of their children. However, you must never interfere in everything that they do. Having vigilance over the children is mandatory, and through this write-up, we would be discussing how to develop vigilance skills and keep your children closer to you.

When children grow up, they require some amount of privacy, and that would happen only when you start behaving with your children like friends. They would expect freedom, but, as parents, you must know about their lives. How can you get to know about their whereabouts with vigilance, not interference?

·       Speak to them politely

Whenever you talk to your kids once they attain puberty, you must always try and establish assertive communication with them. Even if you are trying to check on them, you must not sound too obvious. You must ask them politely and let them be if they are not willing to speak to you regarding the topic. If you get a hint, you can always try giving them a piece of your mind without hurting their ego.

·       Convince them

Instead of getting frustrated with your children, you must always remember to convince them. There are high chances of them getting into wrong paths, and that could be because of the external factors as well. If you get to know about it, instead of becoming judgemental, you need to sit down and try to understand the things that are bothering your children. During this phase, your child might be pretty vulnerable, and with you raising your voice or getting frustrated can make them take unwanted steps.

·       Accept their mistakes

Some kids can turn out to lose their track easily and can land into serious troubles. Some children might learn their lessons, and a few may not. During such times, when your children come back defeated and sorry, you must always remember to accept them and their situation. Embrace the situation and calm them down. Once you feel the time is right, you need to correct their mistakes and watch over them carefully for the next few days.

·       Do not suspect your children

A lot of parents make this mistake; they tend to develop suspicious behaviour towards their children. As parents, you must always have the trust and faith in your children. You must keep displaying this confidence and sense of trust towards them all the time. By doing this, you do not have to put in too much effort to know what is running in your child's mind. Such children would not hide anything from their parents, and with some amount of vigilance, as parents, you become successful.

Well, these are some of the reasons as to why interference won’t work! It takes proper and right supervision skills to groom your children!