How to Teach Kindness to Children?

We often worry too much about how well our kid is doing in one or another subject maths or literature. However, our priorities sometimes push away the necessity of teaching the fundamental values of life. I personally believe that kindness is one of the most essential value any person should have. Kindness makes life easy for ourselves & moreover it helps in building a better society. But the bigger question remains “how do we teach kindness?” Well, not to worry. I cannot assure you that you will be 100% successful in this effort. But you will surely see a lot of positive change in your kid.

Here are a few useful & practical tips for developing the quality of kindness in your child. And, remember one thing. It is never too late to teach something well. Irrespective of the age of your child, keep reinforcing these values in their behaviour.

Be a Role Model

The best & most effective way to teach kindness is showing in your own approach. We must be very attentive & cautious around our kids. Avoid criticising & judging others in front of your child. Help as much as possible to others in their presence & provide a real-life example of kindness to them. I assure you that this way you need to actually out trifling efforts to cultivate this necessary value in your child.

Share Real Life Stories

Another excellent way is to tell them stories. For young kids, you may take the help of books. However, if your kid is little older than please keep sharing good & kindness stories from your past & childhood. Express gratitude towards people who have been kind towards you in your life. This will certainly motivate them to be like that in their surroundings.

Make Creative & Elaborative Posters for their Room

I believe that good teachings should regularly be reiterated to people for a deeper impact. Take help from your kids & make attractive posters or frames for their rooms. Put up messages such as “Strong people don’t put others down; they lift them”. Or “Be the reason for someone’s smile today”. Or “Kindness is new cool”. Such visually appealing & thought-provoking messages in their surrounding will certainly help them build a stronger character.

Initiate & Join them in Act of Kindness

Always make sure that you show explicit methods of showing kindness around you. Help someone in need & share kind words with someone who needs it. Always be cordial to your neighbours & family members. Your kid will pick up from your behaviour & add his\her goodness flavour. Visit places such as orphanage & old age homes for them to understand the underprivileged people’s lives in society.

Teaching what is right is absolutely necessary. But we must highlight what is called negative behaviour. Always tell them what they should not do. Whenever you come across someone unkind & mean, mention this to your kid & make them understand the negative side of their attitude. I truly believe that if as parents you do whatever is suggested here, you will achieve great results. Ultimately our kids are our reflection & all we need to do is be kind around them always.