Is it fine for kids to do household chores?

I must say it was very difficult for me to decide whether to take help from my kid or no as far as household chores were concerned. I was hanging between two extreme ends of the spectrum. One part of me was of the strong opinion that he should get to understand how the house functions. On the other hand, I was contemplating this decision as I wanted my boy to be just a kid for a while. I knew that he has a long life ahead to worry about the chores & stuff. Well, the decision wasn’t easy but I had to decide. So, what exactly I did? How I got him on the same page as mine? Was the decision correct? Let’s answer them all.

Why is this necessary?

First & foremost it is necessary for their good. Leaning & doing household chores will prepare them well for their future. We live in an era when our kids move out as soon as they attain adulthood. The journey there onwards will be their own & somewhat scary initially. It is advisable that they can at least manage their own lives & surrounding while struggling to make a mark in the outside world.

What benefits to expect?

I have experienced this myself & can vouch for it as well that you will see immense positive change in your kid as soon as he\she starts to contribute to household chores. Their level of maturity & understanding will sharply go up & will see their outlook getting changed swiftly. These are some of the very prominent positive outcomes:

·      Confident in managing on their own

·      Understanding of how the house functions

·      Will take better decisions on their own

·      Will develop empathy & compassion towards elders of the house

·      Value their resources a bit more

·      Start caring for people, plants & pets

What if they resist?

Another thing which I can assure is they will surely resist. This is basic human nature. We all like to delay & postpone responsibilities. But the advisable thing is to understand & accept them as early as possible. What can you do if they resist or let us see what you shouldn’t do:

·      Don’t use the force of authority in a harsh manner

·      Don’t offer incentives, a wrong habit will develop

·      Make them understand using proper discussion

·      Explain the importance of sharing work in household

·      Keep reminding them until they develop them as habits

How to teach?

Teaching & training using appropriate method is equally important. Please don’t dump the task on them without briefing the key aspects with them. Also, supervise & monitor for a few days until they gain necessary confidence & skills.

·      Select tasks which are appropriate for their age

·      Teach them thoroughly & if needed show them how to do

·      Do not lose patience while teaching

·      Never pass comments upon the quality of their work initially

·      Praise them appropriately & also correct them appropriately

·      Keep them motivated & share their work story with their friends

·      Always assign tasks which go well in their already packed routine

I am sure most of us would prefer doing the chores on our own rather than spending hours & days training these little monsters. But, trust me once they have gained the understanding & skill to do such stuff, life will be a very easy journey for them. They will surely be self-reliant, confident and organised human beings & family members.