Raise a Confident Child

Raising a child is probably the most critical task we have on hand. Because simply it helps in shaping the face of the society in future. Also, being parents, it is our duty that we raise them in the best of our capacity. Here I am not just referring to all the materialistic aspects but things beyond that. Some people call it mindful parenting but, in my opinion, this is how parenting should be for all of us.

·      Give them Love

Love has a miraculous effect on one’s personality. People who are deprived of love develop numerous negative shades in their inner self. Knowing the fact that they are loved & especially unconditionally loved will give them incomparable security. This emotion security is the first step to build confidence.

·      Appreciation is the Key

People who don’t get adequately appreciated feel they have low self-worth. This problem causes major issues in building confidence. I am not at all saying that we should keep praising our kids. Not at all. Because that will make them feel unnecessarily entitled & over-confident. All we have to ensure is that we appropriately acknowledge their achievements & give them a little positive push.

·      Correct mistakes but Safeguard Self-esteem

Many parents suffer from this classic syndrome. They feel that they must constantly correct their mistakes & make them perfect. So, the first thing is to take out the illusion of perfection from our brains. Your perfection can be someone else’s mediocre outcome also. Hence, stop making efforts to make your kid perfect using your imperfect benchmark. But, ensure you are vigilant enough to stop them from making bigger mistakes & fall in a spot where they feel the need to hide their issues.

·      Mistakes Happen, they should happen

Another important aspect of effective learning is to make mistakes. This is a fundamentally proven thing that as many times you will try things or new things your chances of faltering will dramatically increase. But the positive side of this is that with each attempt you will gather invaluable learnings. So, in case your kid wants to try their hand at something new & you see them failing or struggling, this is a good sign. They will come up the learning curve on their own & turn out to be a far superiorly confident being.

Here we are exploring ways & means to raise our kids to be confident in their approach. Some people will say that certain aspects of personality are intrinsically weaved-in which cannot be altered. My intention is not to alter the personality but to bring out what is within each one us. We all have multiple elements & shades inside us. For different reasons one part suppresses the other & people presume that oppressing shade as our true personality. This exact thing we need to balance using correct parenting methods & approach for the wellbeing of our kids.