Dealing with Failure....A child must learn

Humanity has a mysterious fear of failing. I have never come across an animal which shows reluctance to try things & fail. They keep trying until they succeed. One must understand that failure is just a lay-over in the journey towards success. Also, as I mentioned this earlier one should learn this trait, especially from animals & species around us. As we are embarking this discussion being parents, our primary duty is to instil the sense of courage in our kids & ensure that they do not fear the failure in their life.

·      Encourage to Try

Always tell your child to improvise. I am not saying that you should acknowledge their efforts but pushing their limits is what is going to benefit them only. For example, if your kid is working on a science project & he doesn’t succeed in the first attempt. Don’t jump to help him. We all know how skilled parents can be. But here more critical task is to motivate & encourage your kid to give it another try.

·      Don’t Judge

Keep one thing in mind that each living being is unique. There is no need to compare them. Maybe your kid’s best friend is doing exceptionally well in mathematics, but your kin is struggling with it. Please don’t compare him with the friend. Instead, just motivate & guide the kid to improvise in the subject. If needed, take help from a subject expert to use various techniques.

·      Support them but don’t Spoon Feed

Being a parent, we must support & help our kids. But always lend your hand withing few reasonable limits. Don’t offer to do a craft project on behalf of your kid just to make him look better in the class. If needed you may ensure that the kid has all the necessary resources nut how to use the resources is indeed their work. They have to evolve & be independent enough to manage their tasks.

·      Don’t ridicule when they falter

Adulthood comes with numerous insecurities & flaws. If we look carefully kids are not born with such anomalies. Due to our upbringing & surrounding, we develop such personality flaws & live under the fear of many things. Just because our parents, friends, colleagues or someone in family mocked us for failing; we should think it is normal. On the other hand, please ensure that success & failure becomes insignificant for your kid. What matters is the journey, their dedication, integrity towards the task & honesty. If they will have all these in their attitude, I am sure success will become a very easy by-product for them.

Failure is an essential part of our life. We all learn in a better way from our mistakes as compared to the achievements. Failures also keep us humble and grounded. Failures are reminders that our utter survival has been successful on earth because we kept trying. The most important thing is to never give up & work upon our mistakes. I am sure every parent wants to raise a child who has a never-ending fighting spirit. Hence, make sure your child doesn’t fear failure but embrace it & the courage to move on in life.