Gadgets and Its Uses...Moderation is the Key

What is so brilliant about gadgets is their simplicity. Innovated to ease human life for a more progressive attitude, a gadget is simply built to resolve complexity or meet a challenge. A mobile phone, laptop, watch, etc. is a gadget. So now you know or at least have an idea about what is it in your life that qualifies as a gadget. This will help you decide so many things such as which one’s to buy or avoid depending on its function and usage. 

Uses And Abuse 

We all have a habit or addiction to rely on some habit or routine to keep a track of self-satisfaction. Let’s see the pros and cons of using gadgets: 


  • It makes you more effective and efficient 
  • Create a more safe and secure environment 
  • Saves a lot of time and space 
  • They help us with quick working
  • Can be a good companion in alone time if used positively
  • Promote a futuristic thought process and an abundant mindset


  • It brings addiction and negativity
  • It disrupts natural routine like sleeping on time 
  • Aids sedentary lifestyle as it’s a constant source of distraction 
  • Stimulate body pain and memory loss 
  • Can make someone feel lonely or isolated mostly in their head
  • Creates a lot of illusion and irrational fear due to less proactivity

Moderation Is Inevitable 

Excess of everything is bad, we all know it, and gadget addiction is a real deal. We need to find a balance not only in our productivity also in our way to manage a smart and the manual chore of life. There are OCD kinds of lifestyle disorders already detected due to overindulgence. We need to identify our balance and work according to that. Gadgets are inevitable with given challenges and work scenarios. Striking moderation with them is in our hands. 


Wrapping Up

Children may lose their concentration or focus and become less effective due to the overuse of gadgets in their daily life. Using gadgets in excess can affect your intelligence, seriousness, and respect. Gadgets indeed get the work done more accurately like calculators, laptops, phones, etc. but it also drains your patience. So you need to set some boundaries keeping in mind the damage it can do.