What if we lose our Sun suddenly????

We all have been in a love & hate relationship with our Sun. This may sound a bit absurd but it is true. During summers we hate its harsh rays & wait for it to go down in the evening. On the other hand during winters the warm sun-rays feels like pure bliss. Nevertheless, has it ever occurred to you that if suddenly the Sun disappeared from its place, what will happen to the earth, to us & the solar system? Let us try to find the answer to this question. 

Solar System:

As we already know that each of the planets present in our solar system moves in a specific orbit around the Sun. Just in case if the Sun will suddenly vanish then all the planets, asteroids, comets & each particle making a rotation around the Sun will fly off in a straight line in space instead of going towards the nonexistent Sun. Each planet which appears like a star on the sky witnessed by Earth will disappear as they will not be able to reflect Sun’s light.


Without a doubt, the consequences for Earth would be catastrophic. Sun rays take eight & a half minutes before reaching to Earth. Hence, we will get those final glorious extra eight minutes of sunshine after the Sun has vanished. People on the dark side of Earth (night) will take a while to realize this change. Earth people will also not be able to see the moon as Sun will not be there to provide the light to it for reflection.

Ecosystem & Earth Surface: We all must have noticed that nights are much colder compared to the days. This difference is basically because of the warm sun-rays. No matter how much we hate the hot sunshine, it is the reason why we are so comfortable on earth. As soon as the Sun will disappear temperature on earth will start dropping down. Though it will not drop down immediately but surely we will start feeling the difference immediately. The microorganism will adapt to the change faster thanks to the heat beneath the soil. However, mankind will have to create a warm & closed structure with the help of nuclear energy probably for surviving against the freezing earth surface.

We all have just one reason to dislike Sun which is its warm rays. However, by now you must have understood that our existence on Earth is just not possible without it. We will face an immense impact on the seawater evaporation cycles which causes the Seasonal cycles. Getting rain will be a great challenge as clouds will not get formed. Hence, without a second thought, we can call the Sun a lifeline for our entire planet. It gives us so much & makes our lives comfortable here. Things are possible to go in any direction but let us all hope that we never have to stay apart from our beloved Sun.