Good Bacteria and Bad Bacteria

Well, the title of this article may sound little absurd but it is true. Bacteria are those tiny microorganisms present everywhere. Out of all the variants present in our surrounding, some are helpful & beneficial for mankind. On the other hand, few have an immensely dangerous effect on us. Irrespective of their tiny size they can manage to affect our lives in a humongous way.

So juniors, by now you all must be curious to know more about the heroes & villains for our lives. Let us dig deeper into this & understand how they function.

Way to go: Most of the researchers suggest that about 15% of bacteria have a bad influence on our biological system & 85% are wonderfully beneficial. Interestingly the total amount of bacteria identified so far are merely 1 to 10% of the entire population. That simply means that we have a long way to understand the universe of bacteria around us.

Good Ones: 

The good bacteria mentioned by us are the friendly ones who have been used in making the very useful antibiotic medicines too. However, they have consumed in other forms as well like yoghurt & other fermented foods. We live with a huge quantity of bacteria on our body & in our gut. Maybe not all bacteria have a good or bad effect but whenever our body goes out of balance they react accordingly & create good or bad impact.

Bad Ones: 

The most popular bad bacteria in our vicinity are Escherichia Coli (popularly known as E-coli). These have a bad reputation while affecting our body & health balance. One thing is for sure that all the time our body carry the so-called bad bacteria. However, as they are opportunist in their function, only when the body is stressed they show them adverse effect.

After knowing all these vital details, one thing is clear that most of the bacteria are our friend. They help us in digesting the food well & keeping our internal balance in order. Hence, we should consume all the prominent foods items which are a source of good bacteria like yoghurt, idli, paneer & many more. On the other hand, by keeping some essential measures in place we can avoid diseases caused by bad bacteria. One should always keep their body parts clean alongside his surrounding area. We hope that this piece of information was useful for our curious juniors.