How to always feel energetic?

Are you that child who needs a wake-up alarm and some nagging from your parents in the morning before you finally get ready for your school in the morning? I suppose this is the most difficult task for any kid. The very thought of packing a bag and taking a bath before running to catch school bus can drain the energy level. 

And let’s not even get started with noon classes where keeping your eyes open at a stretch is a struggle. Does a quick nap cross your mind when all those math equations onboard make you feel drowsier than ever?

So let me get this out straight. Feeling lethargic and struggling with activeness is not something you should feel when all you are supposed to do is study, eat, and play. Do things that you love, be playful, and don’t let “drop-in energy” get in your way.

7 Smart Ways To Keep Up With Your Energy

In order to give a boost to your energy, here are a few things you can try:

1.  Exercise: As kids, you must stretch your body to maintain good flexibility. Again, do a little Yoga to keep anxiety, depression, or any stress away.


2.  Avoid Sugar drinks: Everyone loves soft drinks like Pepsi, Coco-Cola, or even some packed juices. They perfectly accompany our meals such as a combination of it with burger and fries or pizza for that matter. High sugar drinks will leave you crashed sooner than you think. 


3.   Start your day with cold showers: To feel energetic all day take a 2-3 min cold shower. It will make you feel fresh and take away any stress or fatigue.


4.   Drink Water: Dehydration causes sleepiness. Also, low water levels in the body are not good. So to avoid any lethargy, keep yourself hydrated all day. 


5.   Take a Sunbath: When you feel your eyelids are dropping, expose yourself to sunlight. Sit by the window or take a walk in the sun for a few minutes. The environment will help you with activeness.


6.   Do eat snack the right way: We all behave depending on what we eat. The more complex carbohydrate you consume, the more energized you will feel. Complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat are known to be brain food. 


7.   Add a plant in your room: What’s one word you can say when you see a plant? I bet its “freshness”. A plant is capable of absorbing any unwanted gas and pollutant around us and keeps our air fresh. This will keep you in a good and active mode.


Stay Active All Day Long-The Millennial Mantra

Get an energy a booster shot by bringing small changes in your habits or doing things differently. An active body and mind filled with unlimited energy can make you more productive. You will always be more focused, organized, and will never make an excuse for being late, not completing a task, or sleeping in the class on the last bench.