Why Do We Feel Sleepy At Night?

We all know that when the sun rises, it’s a new day and a new morning to start your work. As a kid, you get ready in the morning for school, eat breakfast, reach school, study, play games during recess, and come back home. Then you spend time with your family in the afternoon and do some homework. In the evening you go outdoors and play with your friends. Lastly, at night after dinner, you start feeling sleepy.

Does Brain Instruct Your Body To Wake Up And Sleep?

Have you ever wondered, how your brain or body knows when you have to wake up and when you have to sleep? Well, it is the brain that responds to different chemicals and sends messages to your body. 

During the day, it is the light that your brain responds to and sends a message to the body to wake up. At night, the brain releases a chemical called melatonin. This chemical signals your body that you need to sleep.

How Sleep Helps Your Body?

Do you love playing video games with your friends online? Most online games require a phone or a laptop, which needs to be charged. Once you charge your gadgets they can last 6-8 hours before they need charging again.

Similarly, when you sleep it charges or prepares your body for the next day. You follow your routine from morning to the evening before you sleep at night again.

Sleep is essential for our body cells and system to relax. A kid between (5-14 age) needs to sleep at least 10 hours. If you sleep well, you can do things better such as:

1.        Be more attentive and focused in school or at home.

2.        Let your brain to dig into creativity and come up with new ideas.

3.        Stay healthy and avoid any sickness, which is easy to come by such as fever, cold, etc.

4.        Be in a pleasant mood and not throwing any tantrums to your parents.

5.        Be well behaved with your teachers, friends at school & neighborhood, and family.

6.        Be more self-independent than looking for parents to solve problems for you.

7.        Doing homework in one go and not feeling stuck at studies

8.        Not feeling irritated during mealtime and making a fuss about what to eat

9.        Be more patient if you have siblings with you.



Good Sleep, Good You!


A good night sleep can guarantee a good version of you. So if you have trouble sleeping at night, try to relax. Drink water or warm milk before going to bed and think of all the good things you want to do the next day. Let your brain take over. While you get to have all the good dreams about you out there amongst the stars or playing with a favorite cartoon character, your body will prepare you for the next day! So sleep tight and wake fresh the next morning.