The Legend of Pizza

Every time you open up a pizza box, you see a circle that comes in a square box and is broken down into triangles slices. Does this geometrical crossover make Pizza interesting or do you think it’s the aroma of melting cheese and flat pizza bread that makes you drool? 


Whatever the case, the popularity of pizza is not hidden and people of all age seam to the hot pie fresh out of the oven. Kids especially love it because of all the simmering tomato sauce, and toppings with herbs spreading all over making it look colorful and appealing. 


Pizza- Origin & History


Pizza is a much-loved Italian cuisine but the answer to “who made the first pizza?” is much more tricky than you think. Why? It is because Pizza dates back to 997 A.D. and so many forms of pizza were baked before and around that time. So it’s for you to decide which form of Pizza you like and then probably you can answer who was the first one to make?


If you consider pizza as a flatbread that is cooked using an oven, you can give credit to Egyptians, Israelis, and Babylonians for making first pizza as they used mud oven ovens to make flatbreads.


If you think Pizza as a piece of flatbread with toppings then thank Greeks and Romans for introducing the world to this delicious cuisine. They use to bake flatbreads with olive oil and olives, which we now call it focaccia. 


Lastly, if you think Pizza as what we eat today i.e. Flatbread with tomato sauce, vegetable toppings, and melted cheese dripping from the surface to the crust then Italians are the winners. 


Who made the first Pizza?


A baker named Raffaele Esposito from Napalese is credited the most for making the Pizza (as he baked similar to what we eat today). But historians beg to differ, as they believe that street vendors were already making the same bread for a long time.


A story says that when King Umberto I and Queen Margherita was visiting Naples in 1889, Esposito baked a Pizza with mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato, and basil. That Pizza is still famous today by the name Margherita and can be found in the menu of most popular pizza chains like Dominos, Pizza hut, etc.


Initially, Italian immigrants introduced pizza to the rest of the world like Spain, England, France, and the USA. Today, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love to grab a pizza bite! Most kids love to go out with their parents and eat a pizza meal. In fact, they couldn’t resist the flatbread because of all the cheese and added flavor in it. 


So, what’s your favorite topping on the pizza? Do you like vegetables or just plain flatbread with cheese and seasonings and what’s your opinion about stores selling pizza with pineapple topping? Next time you eat Pizza, I hope you will remember all the fun facts you learned today!