How To Boost Memory Power?

Mathematics is an interesting subject but is filled with formulas that need memorization. Geometry and Trigonometry are hard to solve without the perfect formulas in place. Similarly, in the English Language, the application of nouns, pronouns, and verbs work only when you know which rules to follow. Not to forget the unique cases, which have different requirements before it’s used in a sentence. 

With so many subjects and ample of new concepts that you come across in school, memory plays a big role here. Once something is taught in school, you must retain it and practice to fully understand and use it in the future. Thus, it is safe to say that most of your active learning is powered by a strong memory. 

Types of memory

There are two memories i.e. Short memory and Long memory. A short memory is where you recall small information because you need it to complete a task at hand. For instance, you know 50 formulas in math’s but there is a sum you are currently working on and you just need to remember one formula to solve it.

In the case of long memory, you build a deeper understanding of a subject matter. For instance, you know what’s an isosceles triangle in geometry but you need to know about other theorems and formulas to understand geometry overall.

How To Exercise Your Memory And Improve?

1.  Most of the critical thinking and problem-solving skill comes from asking the questions. In order to sharpen your memory be inquisitive and ask your teachers and parents if you don’t understand something.


2.  Get creative with learning. If you have learned a science fact in school or history about some artwork, ask your parents to take you to a museum or do a small experiment at home with you.


3.  Use more visual aids to remember and recall things faster. Draw small images or check out on Google to see what your textbook is referring to. Once you see an image, you will remember the long-term.


4.  Are you aware of mind maps? Well, its individual mapping of a topic and then interrelating it with other relatable topics. This is a creative and engaging way of learning a huge concept in bits and pieces.


5.  The best way to improve your memory is to explain what you have learned. For instance, if you have come across new information in geography about different climates in India. Try to explain it to your parents, siblings, or friends. This way they can correct if you are wrong and you will know if you missed out on something while explaining.

 Engage Your Brain For Better Learning

To be better at learning, you must play the game with your brains. For instance, if you ride your bicycle every day it will always work smoothly and the parts would function well instead of getting rusted in rain and sun. Similarly, you have to stimulate your brain to get better with memorization. What funny and creative tricks do you use to remember things?