Plants Are as Alive as

Earth is beautiful because of its greenery. Natural surroundings with fresh air, green grass, and scented flowers can freshen us up and brighten our day. But sometimes kids often get confused between living and non-living. What do you think about the trees and flowers and the green grass you see when you walk on it or play outside? Do you think it is living or non-living? Well, it is very much living like us.


Living things are those that do have a cellular structure, movement, can use energy and respond to stimuli. Now we know humans fit in this category but let's explore if plants behave like living beings too. 


Firstly, plants very much like humans have cells and they go through photosynthesis to convert energy and utilize it for plant growth. We all are aware that plants absorb CO2 from the environment and give out O2. Secondly, plants show movement but cannot walk like men and animals but they certainly move towards sunlight. Lastly, they do respond to stimuli like touch, light, etc. For instance, a sunflower follows the direction of sunlight. 


Can Plants Reproduce Like Living Things?


As a matter of fact, yes. Humans have offsprings and animals may lay eggs or have babies. Similarly, plants reproduce too but in the form of seeds and spores. A single seed can give rise to a whole new plant. The cells within a seed divide to grow the structure, which comes out as leaves, stem, flowers, and fruits. 


Similar to humans and animals that release waste, plants give out waste too but in the form of O2, which is a by-product of photosynthesis. 


One must realize that plants are the only living things that can produce oxygen naturally which are essential for humans and animals to survive. Our brain and body need oxygen to function properly. If there is not enough oxygen in our blood, most of the activities in our body will stop. Thus, we must protect the plants and find ways to nurture them with the best of our resources.


Why Do We Eat Plants If They Are Living?


The human body is more suited for a vegetarian diet. So, we mostly eat plant-based diets such as fruits and vegetables. While plucking it does not harm the tree but promotes its growth. So basically there is no issue in eating vegetarian food. Again if we talk about grain harvesting, it is done only after a plant reaches its complete maturity. Vegetarian food is nutritious, and the human body can easily digest it with its teeth and digestive enzymes. 


Plant’s Supporting Earth’s Ecosystem Since The Big Bang


We must consume food that brings peace and happiness along with taste. Plants are living creatures and have been supporting the earth’s ecosystem since its inception. This living species has been contributing more than it's acknowledged. If this inspires you, plant a tree today. Develop an interesting hobby like gardening and build a small terrace or kitchen garden for yourself.