Why Do We Feel Pain?

Have you ever held a hot glass of milk and reacted by keeping it down with a thump shouting in pain? We all have mothers running behind us stopping from walking in sun with bare feet. Do you know why? I’m sure you have already done that once in life and got your feet burnt on a heated floor.


Well, it is because we feel pain. Pain is not something bad but a protective signal to prevent any damage to our body. When you get hurt while playing or a paper cut during homework causes distress, the never endings detect that some damage has occurred. They send an immediate message to the brain to initiate a response, which causes pain.


This pain signal generated inside the body helps you react to damage to prevent it from getting worse. For instance, if you drink hot soup, your tongue gets a little burnt. It causes a sensation and tells your body not to continue with that activity. 


Is Pain of any use to Our Body?


Yes, pain is essential for our body because the response initiated in the form of pain is necessary to alarm our body that something is going wrong. If pain is missing you will not realize that something is wrong with your body and you will end up hurting yourself. 


Some pain in the body can become constant as it stays and some are temporary that happens once and gets healed when the body recovers. Pain is one of the vital signs of our body. It can be seen even in babies, younger ones, and children. Babies not more than two years do not remember the pain and if they experience it it's difficult for them to explain it so they usually cry.


But you as a teenager can feel it, remember the experience and even inform your parents what caused pain, unlike babies.


How To Respond To The Pain?


When pain occurs our mind signals our body that we must immediately stop doing whatever is hurting our body. The sensation can be about anything. For instance, if you accidentally twist your arm while playing cricket or badminton or sprain your leg while running in school or fall off a bicycle while riding back home from school, you will react to every injury. Sometime you may cry, sometimes you will withdraw your body from an unpleasant activity or shout in pain. Different kids respond differently based on how they feel and how badly injured they were when they got hurt.




So, next time when you feel pain, remember it is important to feel it. Pain is not there to cause you trouble but save out of it. Be it quick, mild pain or something severe, respond to it immediately and protect yourself from whatever caused it. Also, do not forget to inform your parents if you are hurt badly so that they can take a look at it and get you immediate medical attention.