Got Goose Bumps …but why?

As soon as the chilled breeze touches our body, we instantly get goose bumps. Imagine the scariest movie you watched till date; remember getting goose bumps in the dark? They are also know as goose flesh or goose pimples often. Has it ever occurred to you that what does the goose bumps has to do with all these things? I guess most of us ignored such an interesting experience most of our lives. But, I guess at Juniverse we don’t do that. We convert any information in to knowledge to enrich your young minds.

·       A Reflex Action

Goose bumps are basically a reflex from our body towards fear, pleasure, surprise or cold. Scientifically it is known as kutis ansterina. This particular reflex has been named as pilomotor reflex. Interestingly we humans are not the only mammals who get such reflexes. We all have observed porcupines, dogs or cats showing similar reflex when they sense danger.

·       Why such name?

When we experience such extreme emotions or feel cold our brain send peculiar signals to our skin. Consequently the muscles around our hair beneath the skin pull up a little & create a bump like shape. Now as far as its name is concerned, have you seen a goose/chicken when their hairs have been plucked? Well, their skin looks exactly like that. Hence, they are called goose bumps. I wonder why don’t we call them chicken bumps, huh?

·       Goose Bumps in Animals

Animals have an entirely different functionality as far as goose bumps are concerned. Animals get their bumps when they sense some sort of danger around. Owing to their goose bumps they appear bigger in size. This sudden change in their appearance scares away their enemies & work as a shield for them.

As far as we could understand from various researches, humans don’t have much functional use for goose bumps. Except one small but important thing; when we get bumps owing to cold they help in reducing heat-loss from body. So, guys now we all know why we get these goose bumps every now & then. I hope you all will share this useful & interesting information with all your friend & lead an amazing conversation.