What if suddenly all the insects vanish from the E

The title here may sound quite appealing to many people. But, let me give you a word of caution. As soon as you will understand what exactly you are wishing for, consequences will frighten you for sure. We live in a world where cleanliness is directly associated with the absence of bugs & insects in our surrounding. However, this is an absolutely wrong notion. Most people will exclaim by saying “Ew…Gross…Yukk” and whatnot. Mankind keeps finding different ways to kill and keep away the bugs & insects. Is it completely justifiable? Will it end in our favour? Let us find these answers here & clarify all the misconceptions.

To make things simpler for your understanding we shall discuss the impact of insect’s disappearance on various aspects of our lives & environment.

Plants will not survive:

Around 80% of plants on the face of the earth are angiosperms. Which means that they need pollinators to sustain their existence on the planet. As most pollination is carried out by insects with little help from other mediums. It will have a great impact on our food supply as most flowering plants will suffer.

Dead Bodies Everywhere:

Insects & bugs play a huge part in the decomposition process of dead trees, animal & human bodies. In their absence, our environment will have to face the prolonged process of decomposition & the surrounding will be much more polluted than ever.

Precious Supplies will Stop:

In absence of these wonderful species, the supply of Honey & Silk will immediately come on halt. Especially honey is very popular in various medicinal processes for its immense benefits. All of it will stop & we will have to learn to sustain without this delicious treat of nature.

Food The chain will Disrupt:

The nature has created a wonderful balance on our planet Earth. Here the amazing food chain is in place which keeps the balance in the environment. There are several species like serpents, birds & other animals who solely survive upon consumption of insects & bugs. Subsequently, other animals exist who consume these birds & serpents. Like this, the entire food chain works & balance is maintained. The disappearance of insects would immediately affect the existence of many dependent species & imbalance will happen.

In a nutshell, I strongly want to make this generation understand that the Mother Earth belongs to each specie present on it is surface. Humans have always been greedy & self-centred. But for our own good, we should avoid harming these tiny warriors of nature to maintain order in the environment.