Burping..Annoying yet Interesting

Small or big, a burp is enough to grasp momentary attention, have you been there too? The small structured cloud made out of air coming from the inside of your own body, how magical this sounds. 

Burp is like a revision to self, of the food you gobbled down your throat when you felt hungry, passing through all your taste buds, indicating you are stuffed, bravo! 

The taste buds ahh! Active both before and after too, with burping you can still taste the delicious treat you gave yourself just a while ago. Guilt follows only if it was too creamy or cheesy, otherwise, it’s just amazing. 

Why Do We Burp?

Burping is an obvious phenomenon of releasing the gas that occupied the space in your stomach or upper intestine before and while you ate. That’s normal and truly ok! 

While eating food we also swallow air, especially when we are super hungry. Once we are done, that’s when the air gets released, while still eating or after finishing it. 

This also happens when we are breathing too much while talking or chewing gum or drinking mainly with a straw or with pauses in case of hot drinks.

Although there are a few more reasons which can be related to the disorder so you better keep a check. 

There is a certain condition classified for burping anytime without a cause like an ulcer or gallbladder issue. It’s like an itch to burp and then after sometime burp again.

Most Interesting Facts About Burping

·     All we know about burping is something we do once we are “full like a bull” as the saying goes. In some cultures, burping means an appreciation by the guest for the host or cook, for a wonderfully cooked delicacy. Like India!

·   In space, when an astronaut burps most likely the food particle also comes out with it. A wet burp can be disturbing for the person having it, or for the one witnessing or feeling it too closely. 

·    Don’t forget the babies. With all their yabba dabba talks and fancy eating style, we know they love gulping air more than anyone, and since they can’t sit up, they become master Burp-a-lot. In case they won't do, it can result in vomit, now who will dare to underestimate burping?

·      Do you know, the official term for burping? its eructation! 

·  Do you know burping has world records too? Michele Forgione from Italy burped the longest for 1minute, 13 secs, and 57 milliseconds on June 16, 2009. Another world record comes from Paul Hunn in 2009 from the UK who burped the loudest (more than motorbike roar and chain saw). It was measured to be 109.9 decibels

·      One last fact that might make your day indeed, have you heard of the greenhouse effect, made by cows, this is true. As per one survey in The USA, every year cows burp 50 million tons of gas into the atmosphere, now that’s a holy cow! Isn’t it, burps of ten cow could light up a house for one year’s straight, I told you burping is interesting! 


After reading this, I'm sure you will notice your burp the next time. Share these facts with your friends and enjoy a giggling moment.