Hair...Losing Greying and What Not?

Hair, oh hair, on the head, why are you losing yourself? We all ask this question, every morning while combing them. The next big disappointment is grey hairs, demarking the age, and deteriorating the look score to stoop low that you have no other option but to upgrade your maintenance budget and colour them. We are all in the same world looking for some good vibes to share and hair has the most attention. So yeah that’s worth a worry, but not that important too, to stress about alopecia. 

Why Hairs Become Grey?

Technically, grey hair means loss of pigment (melanin). This category is usually coarser and less manageable. Wondering what can cause them? Let’s find out.

·      The most common factor is heredity. If your parents and grandparents have it you may face a similar situation.

·      When your food choice is junk, congratulations, you gifted this to yourself.

·      Are you a smoker? Well done, its karma working your body!

·      If you are Mr. or Ms. worry-a-lot, you may invite stress along with grey hairs.

·      When you walk or work too much under the sun. Better use a cap or hat.

·      When you apply too much colour and styling you can damage your hair and lose melanin.

·      When you fancy a stylish lifestyle without hair care? Grey hairs are inevitable.

How Grey Hairs & Hair fall Can Be Prevented?

We all have read the word Ayurveda, that’s the deal. The more natural and healthier you choose the better you will be.

·      A good and home-cooked healthy diet will do wonders, visible results in a short span. 

·      A little SPF for your hair can control the ageing of your hair.

·      A good hydrating natural pack made from your kitchen items will boost growth.

·      Add walnut, fish, and zinc or vitamin B supplements to your diet and get healthy hairs.

·      Reduce the hair product and toxic shampoo use clinical or homemade shampoo to prevent greying and losing hair.


The greying and loosing of hairs represent unhealthy and imbalanced life. We must do yoga, consume a healthy meal, and follow a good hair care regimen to have healthy hairs. Consult a doctor, if the matter looks way too skewed to fall under your comprehension and understanding. Hair needs hygiene, hydration, protection, protein, and much more love to stay healthy and young.