What is there under the Ocean?

The legends, myths, and facts of oceans are endless and vary from time zone to generations. A few famous mythologies have related gods and goddesses to the ocean adding a lot of spice to the stories and poems. 

The narrative often includes mysterious facts, which raise the curiosity for people (especially scuba divers) to risk their life and search the vast unknown. The ocean is home for so many living creatures and now to the pollution and mishap too. The ocean is a bigger mass on earth than land hence full of urban legends from the ancient era.


Myths about ocean

Oceans are filled with myths as only a few travel in the deep. They come back and narrate strange stories with no one to go back and confirm. Today let’s try and bust some myths about the ocean. Shall we?


·       Myth: Oceans have mermaids that lure people like ship crew or folks passing on boats, steamers, etc. This happens only in stories and has no reality to it.

·       Myth: Melting icebergs add water to sea level. It’s the ocean water that converts in ice. When it melts it fills the same amount hence no extra rise.

·       Myth: Coastlines are fixed boundaries between land and sea. Tides keep changing these boundaries and it can never be fixed.

·       Myth: Deep Sea is completely dark. Thankfully, the luminescence an enzyme present in few animals adds light in the deepest of areas.

·       Myth: Oceans are big enough to engulf & dilute pollutants. The pollution interferes and disturbs the ecosystem within.



Ocean tales that we all have come across from our childhood included sea monsters, Kraken, sirens, mermaids, pirates, monsters, and what not? We all loved reading books and watching shows about oceans that showed us the life beneath it. But now we know that it was just for entertainment and far from reality. Life under the ocean is all about creatures and animals, which may or may not have been discovered. With a great variety of flora and fauna, the ocean can amaze us in a great number of ways. Have you ever seen an ocean?