Bats ...Stories and Myths Busted

Chiroptera, rings a bell? Well, it’s a scientific name for the bats. Beady eyes razor-sharp fangs, and have 1400 species. Pat yourself, if you knew that. Bats are mammal of the chiropter order with forelimbs adapted as wings. There are 3 species of blood-sucking vampire types too. 


Upside down 

The thin membrane attached to several veins like structure keeps them from launching straight into the air from an upright position. This position helps them to take a flight quickly from the predator. 


Interesting facts about Chiroptera

·       Bats are found around the world in 1400 species including vampire bat species

·      Size ranges from bumblebee bat to flying foxes with a wingspan to 6 feet

·      Not all bat hibernates, bats migrate to search for food when winter hits 

·      Bat die mostly of diseases (white-nose syndrome) as they have fewer predators 

·      Bat helps in pollinating mangoes, banana, avocado, nuts, figs & cacao

·     Bat helps the farmer with insect attack on their plants, they eat their weight like insects

·     Bats are only flying mammal with wings resembling a human hand

·      Bats are small but fast can fly from 100 miles per hours


Myth busted

·      Bats are not blind they can see very well, although at night the ears are more effective 

·      All bats are not blood-sucking, they have 8 cm long prick and lick the blood from cows

·       Bat contribute towards the eco-system, they are not a threat to human species

·      Bats are mammals not rodent and they don’t have rabies 

·      Bats are fewer due to slower reproduction and life span 25 to 40 year

·   Bats live in a colony they clean themselves like cats and take care of each other; if one is not well others will feed them.



Bats are amusing and wonderful creatures, dancing to the groove of their sound system. They are always found in a whole bunch chilling in the dark and damp places. As per Ojibwa legend, bats evolved from squirrels that were helping the sun to free himself from branches of the tree. In the process, they got blinded and lost their tail. In return for his kind & selfless act, he got wings to fly, ear to hear anything, the ability to see in the dark, and enjoy life differently. Bats are squirrels with burnt fur, tail, and eye but blessed with night vision, sonic sound, and leathery wing.