Camel : Interesting Facts About Ships of Desert

Genus Camelus, an even-toed ungulate category, is normally called as the camel. Yes, we are talking about the animal with the hump (just the fatty deposit on its back.) Humans have domesticated them for centuries now for many purposes such as transport, milk, meat, and textile (leather). Camel also called the ship of the desert is a very majestic animal and may have two humps. It’s a desert animal, and if not living there, we usually encounter them at carnivals or seaside for fun ride and amusement. 

What Makes Camel An Interesting Animal?

We all feel intrigued when we sight a camel because of its different body structure and calmness. Along with that long neck and big hump, the camel is also known for its survival and adaptability in the desert. It can withstand the heat, extreme weather and can live without water for days.

Interesting Facts About Ship Of Desert  

If you are already feeling great about camels here are a few fun facts that will interest you more:

·      Camels have three sets of eyelids along with eyelashes (two rows each eye.)

·     Thorny plants of desert, cactus, which no other animal can eat, a camel can, because of its thick lips.

·      Nostrils, totally sandstorm proof, they can be shuttered down completely. 

·     The reason they can rest on roasted sand is because of its thick skin.

·      Camel can race like horses in the hot sun, 40miles per hour.

·    Camels can go without water for months, when they find water; they drink 40 gallons in one serving, crazy animal right!

·      Camels are very strong, that’s why they are used as transport to carry huge luggage and people.

·   Camels are very royal animals; they can get angry real fast and spit as a sign of rage. They remember faces, as their memory is quite good. 

·      Ship of the desert carries the baby for 14 months before its birth.

·      Calves can be born as white, but become brown, as they grow old. 

Before saying goodbye

There are many folk tales and war stories with a camel in it. They have been a part of glorious history along with mankind. Their versatile character and utility have been very useful and amusing. These magnificent animals have served humans for a long time. Most people in desert pet them and earn their living by providing camel rides to tourists. Have you taken a camel ride ever?