Is first impression really important...Psychologic

5 to 15 seconds, that’s the span of scanning and development of an image at first sight in one’s mind. Though we should not judge a book by its cover, the first impression is that memory that either becomes so sweet that it covers all the greys or it shadows all the pinks of one’s life. Yes, the first impression is a big deal for most people to be it in a personal or professional environment. 


If you are meeting a stranger then your impression will be based on your first interaction with that person or the colour, body language, or face you notice. In case you have never met a person and heard only things about him then your first impression will be pre-formed based on the facts presented.


Psychology And First Impressions

Certain facts are proven by researchers and psychologists with regards to the first impression:

  • An eye blink registers the attractiveness and trustworthiness 
  • The next 3 seconds will add more details to shape their presented personality
  • In another few seconds, we use cognitive bias to develop a snap judgment


Is First Impression Important?

There are many wise people or old generation in every house that states that we shouldn’t judge anyone in the first meet. Everyone should be given time and space to reflect on themselves over some time. Not everyone prepares themselves. Not everyone is an extrovert. Not all are socially active. When sharing our spaces with so many types of individuals, we should not frame our judgments on their first move. It affects our genuine interest in the long run. 


Factors Affecting The First Impression 

  • Physical appearance – the better looks & health, the better the trust factor. 
  • Dressing well enhances the trust factor as it reflects success.
  • A Smart & wealthy look makes you look influential and significant. 
  • Body language suggests your approachability (liberal, conservative, serious not serious) 
  • Eye contact makes you look serious, dedicated, and intelligent. 
  • Fluent speech & straight sitting reflects your competence & focused. 
  • Makeup is more approvable, smart, attractive & agreeable.
  • If shoes are basic and comfortable they trust worthier. Expensive ones make you look wealthy but too polished makes you look desperate.


Wrapping Up

The first impression, once a psychological deciding factor, can now be called a thing of the past. Today, we need to have more patience and perseverance, as you may need to harness the potential based on facts and not on appearance. So be wise and think twice.