Just Had a Meal? …Feeling Sleepy Already?

We all love our lovely meals made with love by our wonderful mommies. Food is one thing which gives us happiness & satisfaction. Has it ever occurred to you that as soon as you eat your meal you feel like taking a nap? Well, there is legitimate science behind this phenomenon. Do you know why? Let me explain.

So Juniors, the sleepiness which you feel after having your food is nothing but few chemical changes in the body. The digestion cycle in the human body releases hormones like amylin, glucagon & cholecystokinin. These hormones enhance the sugar level in body & at the same time brain releases serotonin which causes drowsiness. Feeling sleepy after food is very normal for everyone. However, what kind of food & how much quantity of consumption also affects this condition.

Our digestive system uses a similar mechanism to digest food. Still, there are some kinds of foods which cause a higher level of drowsiness compared to others. Things such as meat, poultry, eggs, fish, cheese contain tryptophan amino acid which is the main reason for the release of serotonin which causes sleepiness.

What to do if you don’t want to feel sleepy?

For this thing, we will never ask our juniors to reduce food. But certainly, you can watch what you are eating. Eat all the healthy things like fruits, veggies, nuts & other home-made items. What you can avoid is outside junk food & food containing excess carbohydrate. You can have potatoes but in moderation indeed. One excellent trick to avoid sleepiness is taking a short walk of staying physically active after completing your meal. Another important thing is to have a healthy sleep routine. Please do not stay awake till late. Instead, go to bed on time & try to wake up early, this way you will feel more energetic throughout the day.

Myth Busted

As soon as we complain of feeling sleepy after food, we are bombarded with advice. Some will say you should not eat rice & others will say eat fewer chapattis. But the key for defeating this drowsiness is not in stopping any particular thing. All you have to do is have a balanced & healthy diet. Include everything but certainly not excessively. We are sure along with balanced meal if you add the 10-minute walk/activity after a meal, you are sorted forever.

We hope that this information has helped you understand why exactly we feel sleepy after having our food. It is a very basic bodily reaction to the digestive cycle which makes us feel lazy & drowsy. Don't be embarrassed if you get that awkward yawn in the middle of the class posts lunch. You can look smart if you explain this to your teacher & friends in a scientific way. So guys, what are you waiting for just share this amazing & interesting fact with your peers & become the smartest in your group.